1969 - Founded in São Paulo Dimbinho Candies Factory, at Rua Emilia Marengo in Tatuapé, in a space of 400 square meters.

1980 - Transferred its facilities to its own headquarters of 2,500 square meters, located at Rua Alto Belo in Vila Antonieta neighborhood.

1982 - Expanded and modernized its chewable candy production line to monitor the evolution of the Brazilian market.

1994 - Creation of new production line for launch the Hard Candies.

1995 - Increased production capacity with investments in industrial automation.

1997 - Launch of a successful new line of Lollipops Dimbolito in several flavors.

2000 - Acquisition of electronic scales, and further modernization of the production line to meet the demands of the international market.

2018 - We added another 700 square meters of constructed area to our factory, thus improving our manufacturing process and distribution of the products